Production of video’s for sites and social media for only €99,-. Our Couriers are driving around in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.
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How it works

  • Step 1: Book a Clipcourier

  • Step 2: Prep your ‘Set’

  • Step 3: Capture & Create

  • Step 4: Connect

Booking your Clipcourier is peanuts! Just click ‘Book a Clipcourier’ – fill in the form – and pay the amount as big as a nice pair of sneakers. Then exactly on the day that you’ve booked your Clipcourier prep your business. Take care of flowers, not only clean the windows, clean up everything. The Clipcourier arrives. Takes about 15-20 great shots, combines the chosen music and creates a beautiful 30 seconds video. Then it’s time to communicate. Our Clipcourier will send you the embed codes to share your video on your own sites and social media. Let’s show your business to the world!

What you get

  • 1 hour capture & create incl. music

  • 30 seconds video with music

  • Embedd-codes for sites and social

A Clipcourier comes by to create a beautiful video. Usually the goal is to create a video impression of the store or business. The Clipcourier ensures a good storyline to the video.

A video can be used to show a collection, new products or a new interior. Think of Saint Nicholas, Christmas, autumn/winter/spring/summer. Also, a store or business opening is a good reason for shooting a video.



€ 99,-

Please contact us in case you would like to make multiple videos.

Book a Clipcourier

Where we are

For the moment our Clipcouriers are available in four Dutch cities; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. In near future we will be available in other larger cities around Europe and the US.


Turn Video’s into Movie Magic

Videos that belong on the big screen

An iPhone 7 or 8 Plus lets us shoot phenomenal movies. An Apple‑designed video encoder performs real‑time image processing for optimal quality. And with HEVC compression, we’ll get the same video quality as before at half the file size.

Cinematic smartphone video

Osmo Mobile turns a smartphone into a smart motion camera, making every moment we shoot look smooth, professional and ready to share. Shoot cinematic videos anytime, or use its intelligent functions to track your subject, capture stunning motion timelapses or even stream a moment live around the globe.


Show your business, newest interior or collection to the world.

You will get the embed-code of the video to share on your own website and social media channels. From there you will show your business to the world.


Read our FAQ for answers to your questions. In case you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us using the following details.

For general questions, complaints or suggestions, please email mail@clipcourier.nl.

If you have a question for couriers in specific cities, please email the relevant city. We respond within a few hours.


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Book a Clipcourier

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Please note that, for now, our Clipcouriers are available in four Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

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Are you only available in the four Dutch cities?

Yes, for now. In the near future we will be available in other larger cities and countries.

Is a Clipcourier always on location for a maximum of one hour?

Yes, a Clipcourier is always on location for a maximum of one hour. Filming and editing is done within that hour, after that, the video’s are ready to be shown to the world.

Do we get the video file emailed or only the embedd-codes?

You will receive the embed-codes of the video that you can use on sites and social. We will host the video’s in our own system. The rights of the video are always reserved by Clipcourier.nl.

How does invoicing work?

After booking your Clipcourier, we send an invoice that, when the video is delivered and everyone is completely satisfied, can be paid within 30 days. Relax!

Do you also work for individuals?

No, we do not work for individuals.

Is there always a Clipcourier logo on the video delivered?

Yes, the Clipcourier logo is on every video we deliver.